Meghan Markle's Highlights Will Be Spring's Biggest Hair Trend

Meghan Markle Highlights
Photo: Getty Images

In case you haven't noticed, spring fever brings on the sudden urge to drastically change your hairstyle. And if a subtle switch in color is what you're craving, Meghan Markle has your answer—auburn balayage highlights.

Her natural, sun-kissed highlights have become one of her beauty signatures, and if you're looking for an update that requires little to no maintenance—besides using a color-safe shampoo and heat protectant sprays—it's the look for you.

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The warm caramel and nearly-red tones of the highlights are incredibly complementary to brunette hair, and appear to be placed on her base color using a balayage technique, or hand painting.

Meghan Markle Highlights - Embed
Anwar Hussein/WireImage

The most appealing thing about balayage, apart from how natural it looks, is that it's the easiest type of highlights to grow out. Because they're commonly placed where the sun naturally hits your hair, you don't usually have to worry about grow-out, or visible roots coming through in a matter of weeks. The picture above of the back of Markle's hair proves the point.

Anything Markle wears sells out in seconds, so we can only assume we'll be seeing a version of this hair color everywhere this spring.

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