Watch 8-Year-Old Meghan Markle Pretend To Be a Queen in a Home Movie

Long before Meghan Markle got engaged to Prince Harry and set herself up to join the British royal family, she crowned herself queen of a much smaller kingdom.

A new home movie emerged this week, and it shows that being royalty is something Markle has considered at least once before. In the video, the then-8-year-old future royal wore a golden crown on her head and as she ruled over her friends. They even addressed her as "your highness."

"Your highness, isn't there anything to do around the kingdom anymore?" a girl asked Markle.

"Yes! Make 900,000 cookies and sew me a nice dress," Markle said. 900,000 seems like a lofty number, but it didn't seem to bother Markle's subjects.

"Your highness, what is this all for?" a different girl asked. Markle said, "It's for this meeting I'm having. I'm having people from Florida and Canada, Mississippi, Missouri."

The 11-minute video shows Markle at her childhood friend Ninaki Priddy's house. Priddy and Markle were classmates at the time, and Priddy told Daily Mail that they would make home movies together regularly.

"The show was called Your Royal Highness and the star was Meg," Priddy said. "It’s very funny to see this now and given what is going on with her life it’s quite eye-opening. She was always the center of attention, always the ringleader—it was my birthday but she took the starring role!"

It's almost like life is imitating art.

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