Watch Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth Lose It Over Prince Harry's Joke

Count on Prince Harry to deliver the LOLs.

The more mischievous of Princess Diana's sons attended the Queen's Young Leaders event at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, where was joined by his gran (you know, the Queen of England) and his wife, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

The queen was uncharacteristically giddy as she watched her grandson take to the podium at the event, and she passed that joy right over to her pal Meghan. As Prince Harry stood before the crowd of young honorees from all over the Commonwealth, he commented that he and Markle were looking forward to meeting them all together.

"I guess you can say you're stuck with me," he said, prompting smiles and giggles from the queen and the Duchess of Sussex.

"I, together with my wife Meghan, look forward to convening young people from around The Commonwealth to hear your ideas, work with you to build platforms for you to collaborate and form partnerships, and continue to meet with many of you as we travel around in our work on behalf of The Royal Family," he continued. "We look forward to meeting many of you this evening—but we also hope to see you in action in your home countries someday too."

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Markle herself didn't give a speech, but she sat happily in an '80s-like Prada dress(shop a similar style at ASOS for only $67) as she watched her husband deliver the remarks.

Keep the sweet couple moments coming, you two.

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