All the Hoops Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Need to Jump Through Before a U.S. Visit

If you're a royal family fanatic like we are, you've probably heard the exciting rumor that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will soon jet off on a royal visit abroad. Unconfirmed sources are saying that the newlyweds might be heading to the United States soon, which has everyone in a tizzy. Which states will they visit? Which famous people will they see? Will Harry finally meet Meghan's infamous dad, who lives a hop, skip and a jump away in Mexico?

Here's the thing: Nobody knows if this trip is even happening. While the anonymous source said the groundwork is already being laid for two visits—one for Markle by herself, and one for her and Harry—there are some issues with the theory.

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First of all, if Markle were to take a solo vacation to her homeland to pal around with friends, we likely wouldn't know about it. At all. That means no pictures, no greeting dignitaries, no royal visit wardrobe (cue the gasps). It means blurry photos of the Duchess of Sussex in a White Sox cap in Chicago, just like when she visited weeks before her wedding. (Don't remember? That's the point.)

Private visits aren't publicized, and don't involve press, so the chances of Markle coming here for personal reasons while still firmly on the world's radar are slim to none. Nobody could even figure out exactly where she and Harry honeymooned (some say Namibia, some say Canada), so a covert trip to her home country would likely happen right under our noses.

But what about a formal visit? After all, rumor has it that one is planned. While it is basically certain that we'd see Meghan and Harry in that case (considering the dog and pony show that is an official royal visit), nothing is confirmed yet by Kensington Palace.

In fact, the Us Weekly source—who sparked all this talk by claiming Meghan and Harry were thinking over different states they could visit despite there being "no official itinerary yet"—is probably spinning a bit of a tale. If Meghan and Harry coming here on an official royal visit, it would be planned to a tee, and the royal couple wouldn't have a ton of say in where they'd go.

As Town & Country reports, official royal tours are instigated by the U.K. government or an invite by the host country (in this case, the United States). The itinerary isn't based on the royals's wants so much as it is on "matters of national importance the host government would like to draw attention to."

In the event that the royals are planning a trip to the United States, the planning process would not look like Harry and Meghan mulling over which states they think are fun to visit.

Despite that, we're keeping our fingers firmly crossed that the talk will ultimately turn out to be true. Because who wouldn't want to kick off 2019 with a royal American crossover?

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