How the Sussexes's New Charity Is Staying True to Meghan Markle's Values

And how it differs from the Cambridges' Royal Foundation.

Weeks after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially splitfrom Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal Foundation, we've gotten some new details about the charity the Sussexes have formed.

The Sun's royal reporter, Emily Andrews, shared that Harry and Meghan's charity will be called Sussex Royal (with the full title being Sussex Royal The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex), and will be led by Meghan, Harry, PR manager Sara Latham, and former Royal Foundation staffer, Natalie Campbell.

With three women (including the duchess herself) in leadership positions, Sussex Royal seems to be staying true to Meghan's feminist values. Sara Latham, Meghan and Harry's PR manager, was a Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff during Bill Clinton's second term, and also worked on Hillary Clinton's campaign. Natalie Campbell, who came from the Royal Foundation, will be directing the process of organization and choosing the causes Sussex Royal will focus on, according to People.

The Royal Foundation's 8 trustees includes 5 male members, though its 15-person staff (minus Campbell, who will be moving on) is mostly comprised of women.

Last month, it was announced that the Sussexes would officially be moving on from the Royal Foundation and forming their own charity, and was more of a "natural progression" than any dramatic breakup, a source told People. After all, palace insiders have commented that a royal foursome was never really in the cards — William and Harry are their own people, and would grow to carve out different paths eventually.

And despite the split, the fab four will still continue to work on joint projects together, including the Royal Foundation’s mental health initiative, Heads Together.

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