Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Already Planning for Baby No. 2?

A royal expert weighs in.

Though it was just two months ago that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed baby Archie, the world can’t help but wonder when/if a second tot is in the cards for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, a second baby is “absolutely” a priority for the couple. That being said, we probably don’t need to be on high alert for a pregnancy announcement.

"Sources close to the couple told me that they really would love to have a big family. They are, by all accounts, amazing parents. They are loving parenthood,” Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight.

“They absolutely want siblings for Archie, so possibly we will have a second pregnancy announcement for Meghan and Harry sometime next year — but, for the moment, the focus is obviously on Archie," she continued.

Archie’s impact on the couple has been immeasurable.

“Yes, they're royals, yes, they probably have more help than the rest of us, but this really has turned their world upside down for the better,” Nicholl went on. “So, I think at the moment, they’re focusing on Archie, but I know it’s their plan to have more than one child.”

Meghan and Harry have been known to buck tradition as a means to obtain privacy, most prominently in the way they handled Archie’s birth. With the 2-month-old’s christening on Saturday, they plan to resist royal norms once more, opting to withhold the names of Archie’s godparents from the public.

"You have to remember that Prince Harry grew up very much in the spotlight, never far away from the gaze of the cameras and at points in his life, that's been something he has resented," Nicholl explained. "And my understanding is that at [their new home] Frogmore, they have essentially built a fortress. One of their closest friends told me it was their oasis, their sanctuary where they're going to raise their child away from the spotlight. They are tucked away there, they are set in acres of beautiful green space, you cannot get close to the property and behind the walls of Frogmore cottage. Archie is enjoying, albeit a privileged lifestyle, a remarkably ordinary lifestyle."

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