The Strategy Behind Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Pregnancy Announcement

Remember when Meghan Markle shut a car door and caused a full-on internet meltdown (we're dead serious)? Well, then you can imagine the opinionated chaos that stemmed from the announcement of her pregnancy — which is actual noteworthy news.

Part of that storm had to do with the timing of the reveal, especially when it came to light that Harry and Meghan informed their family while at Princess Eugenie's wedding.

Does that seem like common courtesy? Possibly not, though some would argue that depends on whether Eugenie okayed it. But regardless, you should put your pitchforks down, because Harry and Meghan might not have had much choice with the timing of when they told the world about their news.

You see, this, the Year of Our Lord 2018, has been a year of mass royal activity. As of right now, we've had multiple blowout weddings, adorable baby births, and showstopping events including but not limited to: Trooping of the Colour, Queen Elizabeth's 65th coronation anniversary, and oh, right, Harry and Meghan's own extravagant royal wedding.

Meghan and Harry lead
Chris Jackson

In short, things have been hectic, and in true royal form, they aren't slowing down anytime soon. With a packed calendar, there hasn't been much time to announce a pregnancy without stepping into someone else's spotlight.

Here are a few reasons why Monday, October 15 could have truly been the best date for Harry and Meghan to announce their own baby news.

1. It was after Princess Eugenie's wedding.

If people think it was rude for the pregnancy announcement to come right after Princess Eugenie's wedding, they probably would've lost their heads had they done it right before or during the weekend celebration. By waiting until the weekend ended, Harry and Meghan let the bride have her moment for a few days before interjecting themselves into headlines again.

Meghan and Harry embed

2. It was before Pippa Middleton gave birth.

Alright to be totally fair, Pippa is not a royal, but her proximity to the family still makes her of interest — especially since she's heavily pregnant and about to give birth.

Considering Pippa arrived at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital on Monday and is due to give birth to her first child literally any minute now, there wasn't exactly a ton of time for Harry and Meghan to reveal their baby news without taking Pippa's moment. Getting it done early Monday allowed them to side step this issue entirely.

3. Harry and Meghan just touched down in Australia for the rest of October — where it's summertime.

It's objectively easier to conceal a baby bump under fall jackets than it is in hot weather. Since Harry and Meghan are due to hang in the heat for the next few weeks, maybe they wanted to come out with the news before the speculation got the best of them. Or before onlookers asked them if Meghan is pregnant a bajillion times. Either, or.

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