Meghan Markle Accidentally Revealed Her Secret Nickname for Prince Harry

As demure and sophisticated as they look from the outside, even royals have embarrassing moments (see: Queen Elizabeth's big one in June). It's part of what makes them humans and not literal deities, as Meghan Markle reminded us all while on a royal visit with Prince Harry to see Hamilton.

The visit itself seemed to go smoothly — yes, we're counting Markle's rule-bending outfit — but afterwards, things got decidedly more relaxed. While hanging out with the cast after the curtain fell, Markle slipped off her veil of royal formalities for a moment when she accidentally revealed her nickname for Prince Harry in front of the world.

Meghan and Harry embed
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"Can you see, my love?" she asked him, before realizing oops, she said that out loud. Cue her ferocious blushing and laughter from everyone in ear shot.

Honestly in our books, that barely stacks up to a true "embarrassing moment," but Markle seemed flustered by it nonetheless. Most fans who missed out on that cute "stumble" probably also missed the subtle PDA going on. As Harry and Meghan were surrounded by others, he moved his arm around her waist.

Nobody in the cast seemed to notice, but the cameras sure caught it.

Meghan and Harry lead
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We already knew that they have more freedom to show PDA than, say, Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it's still nice to see, even in teeny tiny ways.

Who knew the after-show events would cause more buzz than the on-stage production?

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