By Christopher Luu
Oct 17, 2018 @ 10:00 pm

It looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want some time at the beach. After leaving Dubbo, the royal couple touched down in Melbourne and according to their official schedule, they're headed to the beach. Much like their past stops, crowds greeted the two with smiles and well-wishes, People reports. 

The third day of their first official trip included a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens and a chance meeting with a royal superfan, who cried when she got the chance to meet Prince Harry. Australia's reports that it's been raining in the city, which could make for some scheduling changes: the two were set to visit a beach, but with the possibility of a downpour, things could change.

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Chris Jackson/Getty Images

It's not the only time the two have gotten wet. Just yesterday, the two got caught in a sudden storm when visiting farmers. It wasn't all bad, though, since the farmers had been going through a long-term drought. The rain was welcome.

"Our region has been hit by a terrible drought so we are very pleased that you can bring that terrible English weather here with you,” the mayor of the region said before welcoming Harry, notes People. Fans called it a royal miracle, but Harry acknowledged that it would take more than one shower to fix the area's problems. 

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Following their arrival in Melbourne, Harry and Meghan headed ot the Government House for the Young Victorian Leaders reception. That shouldn't be affected by the drizzle, but the beach cleanup could. The two are scheduled to take a train ride to meet up with a group of schoolkids and help clean up the shoreline along South Melbourne beach.

Knowing that there's a chance of rain won't keep fans from showing up, however. News notes that spectators are already planning to show up early, rain or shine.