Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Only Been Leaving Their L.A. Home For Charity Work

The pair have been volunteering with Project Angel Food.

Since their move to Los Angeles, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been doing their part to help aid those affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The pair have been spending time at home due to social distancing guidelines, rarely leaving their new abode unless they're helping out their new community. In fact, they're driven to do so because the pair, according to a source via People, made them feel "helpless."

"[Meghan and Harry] felt helpless reading about everything going on and wanted to get out and contribute," the source indicated. The pair have spent a lot of time as of late jumping in and getting hands-on with offering assistance during these trying times.

"They only leave their house for charity work," noted an additional source.

Since their royal exit on March 31, the pair have been hard at work on trying to make a difference in their new community.

On Easter, they helped to distribute meals to those in need through Project Angel Food, a nonprofit charity focused squarely on cooking, preparing, and delivering meals to anyone currently living with critical illnesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ahead of their work with the charity, Meghan and Harry toured the Project Angel Food facility and got to know everyone involved with the project.

"They were interested in every single person they met," Project Angel Food executive director told People in a recent interview.

"They asked a lot of questions about the clients, about how the food is done and how much food is made. We talked about how the meals are medically-tailored and geared towards each client, they met with our chefs and then we gave them all our social distancing protocols for the deliveries and they wore gloves and makes and they kept six feet away."

That's why we've seen several photos of Meghan and Harry wearing masks while walking the streets of Los Angeles with deliveries in-hand. The pair are focused on making a difference right now as well as spending time as a close-knit family group.

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