Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Reportedly Already Planned Archie's Birthday Party

Two parties? Archie's the luckiest kid around. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly been spending some of their free time working on a very special project: planning baby Archie's first birthday party!

Little Archie's first birthday is quickly coming around the corner in May, and Meghan and Harry are apparently already on top of the festivities they want to lavish upon their darling boy.

According to Us Weekly's source, the royal couple is planning two different birthday bashes: one with family and friends for North American partygoers, and one in the U.K. for the royal family. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for Archie – double presents and double the cake!

With Meghan and Harry looking to potentially visit the Queen at Balmoral this summer, they're reportedly looking to throw one of Archie's birthday party while there. They have allegedly "talked to the Queen about having a picnic on the grounds," which the Queen is "very excited" about in terms of celebrating the young royal's important milestone.

"Archie loves being outside...He gets so excited at seeing all the trees," the source added. "Now that he’s just walking, he’s into everything—he’ll often end up covered in mud!"

But what of the second party? That one's easy – Meghan and Harry are expected to meet up with Meghan's mother Doria Ragland as well as family friends Abigail Spencer and Jessica Mulroney. Details on this additional get-together are currently pretty sparse, but any child would be excited to have two different parties in two different locations. This is no doubt an exciting time for the royal family – and little Archie should be more than pleased when he grows up and looks back on the festivities.

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