There's an Ambulance Parked Behind Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Home

Is Baby Sussex finally here? 

Update: It looks like we still have some time before the royal baby's arrival. Telegraph associate editor Camilla Tominey tweeted that the ambulance was not for Meghan Markle, and instead was a driver training vehicle picking up food for students, according to South Central Ambulance Service.

"Keep calm tweeps," she wrote. "It could be another few days yet."

Read on for our original story.

The countdown to Baby Sussex is on — like really on.

Prince Harry visit to Cardiff Castle
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We’re right up against Meghan Markle’s presumed due date (late April, early May), and evidence suggests that she may have gone into labor.

An ambulance with a crew of three was photographed in a parking lot at the back edge of Meghan and Prince Harry’s Frogmore estate on Thursday, where they reportedly stayed all day and are still parked.

Meghan Markle Birth Ambulance
Richard Simpson
Meghan Markle Birth Ambulance
Richard Simpson

If Meghan opted for a home birth, as she was rumored to want, an ambulance could be stationed nearby in case complications caused the Duchess of Sussex to need to go to a hospital.

Adding fuel to the speculative blaze, a helicopter was seen taking off from the estate grounds on Thursday, prompting some to believe that Markle went into labor and was transported to the hospital by air. We know they want their privacy, but that sounds a little extra for the eco-friendly couple.

Meghan Markle Birth Ambulance
Richard Simpson

Whatever the case, you can bet we’ll likely have a new member of the royal family in the next week or so.

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