Meghan Markle Has Never Worn This 1 Color — Even Before Becoming a Royal

We here at the InStyle School of All Things Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are usually firmly #TeamRoyal at any given moment. We've analyzed just about everything they've ever worn, we write 17 stories each time they sneeze, and obviously we cried all the tears during their respective royal weddings to Prince Harry and Prince William. But now we've got a bone to pick with them.

It has come to our attention that Meghan Markle has never worn the color orange, as Harper's Bazaar reports. Not on a single royal outing. Not even during pre-royal appearances. Not even on Halloween, or to match a pumpkin spice latte. It's enough to make a Jack-o-lantern cry. The worst part? Sister-in-law and fellow heavily-photographed-royal Kate Middleton also shuns orange.

Alright, maybe they just hate it, but in our divinely inspired quest to uncover the deep issues that sparked this royal war on orange, we turned our attention to what the color really means in the first place. What does reaching for orange in your closet even say about you? Well, we spoke to a color psychologist (yes, that's a real thing) back in April about orange, and believe it or not, we have an answer that sheds light on Kate and Meghan's rejection.

Meghan Markle orange lead
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"Orange is all about the secondary survival, food, warmth, shelter, physical comfort, sensuality, spontaneity. A lot of people don't like it because it's a bit scary," Angela Wright, author of The Beginner's Guide to Color Psychology, told us at the time. "It's a very sexy color, sensual, but negatively, it doesn't have any thought. It can be very thoughtless and heedless and immature, and just generally unthinking and irresponsible."

Well the royals do seem quite demure and mature, so maybe it's too scandalous and "unthinking"? That's one plausible theory. Another is that they can't pull it off. “If my suspicion is correct, [Kate] would look dreadful in orange and does well to avoid it," style expert Daisy Schubert theorized to Express. “Having a cool, blue undertone means that the orange color pigments would clash with her natural features. You’d only see the dress, not her!”

Or maybe they ignore it because they just don't like fall colors, which we can't understand at all TBH. Halloween is around the corner, are you going to continue living your life without it, Kate and Meghan? What if Prince George and Princess Charlotte dress like pumpkins, is that even welcome in your household? We want head-to-toe inclusive autumnal fashion, and we want it NOW.

If dull pink and sequined leprechaun green can be regal colors du jour, we don't understand how this fall staple can't worm it's way into the spotlight, even once. C'mon guys, it can't fall on Queen Elizabeth to carry the fashion weight every time here.

Queen E orange embed
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Petition to swap Markle's blush passenger seat pink for orange. Where can we sign?

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