But Megs was warned that a "flashy baby shower" is not the norm.

By Alicia Brunker
Updated Mar 30, 2019 @ 5:30 pm

It's been more than a month since Meghan Markle basically shut down the city of New York for her fancy baby shower, and people are still talking about the extravagant affair.

Before she was even pregnant, it was reported that a "lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate" given the royal family's immense amount of wealth. "There's nothing they can't go out and buy themselves," said royal expert Victoria Arbiter while speaking with The Sun.

Meghan and Queen Elizabeth lead
Credit: Jeff J Mitchell

However, Meghan defied tradition and paid homage to her American roots by celebrating impending motherhood with friends — much to the dismay of the British media. Once the party was over, many suspected that Queen Elizabeth would address the negative optics, but it turns out Meghan didn't receive "a scolding" from Her Majesty.

Instead, Megs was told that a "flashy baby shower" is not the norm for royals. "Meghan is still struggling with the press in London. She was made aware that Kensington Palace and the royal family, that’s not the way they do it with a big, flashy baby shower like the one she had in NYC,” a source told Us Weekly.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - February 20, 2019
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Queen Elizabeth's former press spokesperson Dickie Arbiter expressed a similar sentiment last week. “Baby showers, it’s very much an American thing...We don’t do it here in the UK. It was a bit over the top in terms of expense and the way she got there," he explained to Us Weekly.

Apparently, the duchess isn't letting the backlash affect her plans, as she's reportedly hosting a second, smaller shower at Buckingham Palace right before her due date. You do you, Meghan!