Meghan Markle Now Has a Rare Baby Animal Named After Her at the London Zoo

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle royal wedding fever is real, and even the animal kingdom is catching on. In lieu of the big day in May, the London Zoo has taken steps to honor the royal couple by naming an endangered animal after them.


The London Zoo named a rare newborn okapi after Markle, giving the baby the name "Meghan." Meghan the okapi was born in December, the zoo announced Tuesday, and will stay at the zoo with her mom.

“A new birth is always cause for celebration, but Meghan’s important arrival is also a great opportunity to draw attention to the okapi, which is an extremely endangered species," said zookeeper Gemma Metcalf in a statement. This is what an okapi looks like:

Meghan Okapi

The okapi are related to giraffes and have striped legs like zebras. They're sometimes called "forest giraffes" or "zebra giraffes," according to USA Today.

Both Meghan the okapi and her mom, Oni, are doing well.

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