Meghan Markle Is Unrecognizable in This Throwback Photo with Katharine McPhee

The definition of a glow up.

There I was, scrolling through Instagram on a Thursday (as one is wont to do during work hours), when I came across a #TBT photo posted by Katharine McPhee. 'Damn, Katharine, what a glow up,' I thought to myself, taking in how her hair, eyebrows and makeup preferences had changed. Standard #TBT procedure.

And then: 'Wait, who is that?!' It hit me like a semi-truck. The person standing next to Baby McPhee was none other than the the woman whose outfits I had spent countless hours of my life analyzing; whose wardrobe I knew better than my own: It was the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle.

"Meghan and I did musicals together as kids," wrote McPhee in the caption. "She grew up to be the Duchess of Sussex and I grew up to star on the West End, so same life if you ask me."

The pair looked thick as thieves in the photo, each done up in makeup we would have assumed was for roles as clowns had we not been familiar with Theater Kid Culture and the heavy duty face paint it entails. Each, conspicuously, had a Cindy Crawford-esque mole drawn above their lacquered red lips.

Meghan Markle Katharine McPhee
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Fake mole and caked on makeup notwithstanding, there were several other differences that caused my triple take at the woman whose face I've come to know so well. The brows. The fake lashes. The eyeliner was so dense and her complexion so washed out by the camera flash (remember the days before LuMee lights?) that were it not for the blush we may have assumed she was on her way to a Green Day concert in the year 2006. But that smile, though? That's definitely Meghan.

If you were more shocked at the fact that Meghan had made her way onto McPhee's profile, which is home to countless bikini pics and selfies of the actress with her fiancé, David Foster, don't be. Both Markle, 37, and Katharine, 34, grew up in the theater community of Los Angeles, so it's not surprising that the mega talented ladies crossed paths.

What's even more of a coincidence, perhaps, is the fact that the L.A.-natives are now both London-based. Meghan, obviously, because of her Duchess duties after that whole marrying-a-prince thing, and McPhee thanks to the reprisal of her role in the Broadway hit Waitress, which is opening in London's West End next week, according to E! News.

We agree with Katharine here — they've both done pretty well for themselves.

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