What Is Hypno-Birthing and Why Is Meghan Markle So Into It?

She's getting her birth plan together.

The Duchess of Sussex seems to be getting everything in order to have the smoothest birth, ever. Reports are coming in saying that Meghan Markle's hired an entire team of birth experts, including a doula and an acupuncturist, but Vanity Fair points out that there's a peculiar addition that may be a little out of the ordinary for a mom-to-be. Keeping in line with her love of all things natural, Markle may be planning to use hypno-birthing, which incorporates deep breathing to keep pain to a minimum during childbirth and offer a more peaceful birthing experience.

"Meg wants a natural birth if she can have one. Her mother is very into anything that is holistic and natural, and having been brought up with yoga and mindfulness, it's all very much part of Meghan’s birth plan," a source told VF.

Meghan Markle
Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

If reports are true, Meghan would be the first royal in centuries to use a doula during birth. VF reports that one possible candidate is Lauren Mishcon, though the pro doula has denied any sort of connection to the royal baby. She could be instructing Meghan on hypno-birth method, which includes having a calming, soothing environment for mom and providing the same for the baby. Georgia Kral, a writer for Well + Good, described the entire process as hypnotic, quiet, and calm, letting herself become in tune with her body as she gave birth. She describes it as an almost euphoric experience that connected her with her baby and her body.

"I felt so connected to my body. I don't know if I was hypnotized or what but I went from 5 cm to fully dilated and there was no pushing," she said of the experience. "My body technically pushed the baby out, but I didn't try."

With so much support, it looks like the newest royal baby should arrive without a hitch. And knowing Meghan, fans will be clamoring to know exactly what went down in the hospital, hypno-birth or not.

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