Meghan Markle's Royal Training Will Include Preparing for Hostage Situation

Becoming a part of the royal family isn't as easy as saying "I do." Not only will Meghan Markle have to pass the notoriously difficult British citizen test and be baptized as part of the Church of England, she'll also have to undergo hostage training from the British Special Air Service, TMZ reports.

Following in her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton and Princess Diana's footsteps, she'll spend about a week after she weds Prince Harry learning how to escape a potentially dangerous situation, as well learn how to facilitate a rescue.

Her training will include "techniques on how to transmit a distress signal that she's being held against her will if her captors make her record a video." She'll also learn how to master "micro-expressions, key words and other signals to let either her family or law enforcement know if she's under duress from captors."

Basic psychology training on how to deal with captors, as well as how to free herself from duct tape or zip ties will also be part of the training.

All of these definitely seems important for a future duchess to learn. Let's just hope she never has to use it!

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