By Isabel Jones
Jul 11, 2018 @ 11:45 am

Meghan Markle's transition from TV actress to Duchess of Sussex has us wondering, is the 36-year-old becoming someone else entirely? (We never said we were above conspiracy theories.)

The Suits star and former Deal or No Deal suitcase-holder was a prime example of the American dream in action: through hard work and strength in her convictions, she eventually rose to prominence in her field. And Markle wasn’t just an actress, of course, she was also an outspoken feminist and lifestyle blogger—someone whose entrance into the royal family was expected to breathe new life into the monarchy.

WPA Pool/Getty Images

When Prince Harry did officially put a ring on it, though, everything appeared to change.

The latest evidence? A new signature. During her and Harry’s visit to Ireland on Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess both signed their names in a visitors book—there are photos, of course. (P.S. Markle was once a professional calligrapher, so you know it's going to be on-point.)

WPA Pool/Getty Images

Compared to her signature in a visitors book from the couple’s visit to Belfast in March (pre-royal wedding), the new autograph (sitting beneath Harry's) looks wildly different.

JOE GIDDENS/Getty Images

Other examples of the Duchess shifting right before our very eyes: her sartorial choices. She swapped prints and edgy denim for bateau neckline dresses and the fanciest of fascinators. It's all to be expected for a new royal—Kate Middleton did it, too—but it's jarring nonetheless. 

Add to all that a recent video making its rounds on Twitter which appears to prove that the American duchess has actually adopted a bit of a British accent.

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So, is Meghan changing her ways so drastically that she’s adopted both a new accent and a new signature in the span of months? Perhaps, but it's certainly not a bad thing. 

Maybe the truth is less black-and-white: It could be that we never really knew Markle to begin with. Change is hard, but we hope Meghan isn’t losing herself in the process.