Meghan Markle's Half-Sister Is Writing a Memoir with This Controversial Title

Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha is writing a memoir, and the title is causing quite a stir.

Samantha, the daughter of Meghan's father from his first marriage, discussed her forthcoming book, "The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister," on Good Morning Britain from her home in Florida on Monday. "I think the British people and the world will be surprised. There's so much the public doesn't know," she said, according to People. "They'll be surprised by how graceful and how lovely she is."

Although Samantha denied that she and the Suits actress are estranged, a source previously told People that Meghan hasn't had contact with her half-siblings for more than a decade. But that didn't stop her from heaping on the praise for both Meghan and her royal love, Prince Harry, calling them "incredible people with such vast bodies of life experience."

Samantha also refuted claims that the book is a damning tell-all, and revealed that it will actually focus on issues of race.

"First of all, it's only a tell-all in that I go through and recant some of the beautiful nuances of our lives, our family home," she noted. "But more importantly it has to do with the inter-racial evolution of this country through the lens of my life and my family since the Civil Rights Act until present, and how that intersects with this recent event with my sister, you know, my feelings about it, my family's feelings about it and how sad it was going through it all. But it's more of a beautiful, warm, witty story of our lives and my life."

Stay tuned for more information on when are where you can get your hands on this juicy little tale.

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