Meghan Markle Made Her First Day of Public Life in Canada All About Advocacy for Girls

Women's rights are still near and dear to Meghan. 

Meghan Markle is still making women's rights her top priority, even after returning to public life.

The Duchess of Sussex spent much of Tuesday (January 16) interfacing with women at the Justice for Girls headquarters in Vancouver, a charity that works to help provide young women with access to education as well as important advocacy.

While there, she discussed "climate justice" for girls as well as "the rights of Indigenous peoples."

"Was great to talk about the importance of a holistic approach to social justice, and the power of young women’s leadership. #DuchessOfSussex," the official Justice For Girls Twitter account wrote alongside two photos of Meghan with the women at the center.

Meghan is cozied up with a cup of tea in one photo as she leans into conversation in one photo, and she's seen posing with a group of women in another in the same tweet.

Earlier that day, Meghan made her first public appearance since her royal exit. She took to the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre to discuss some of the most pressing issues affecting women in the community.

There, she kicked off her day by potentially debuting a sweater she had first debuted from her Suits days, as one eagle-eyed fan on Twitter pointed out.

In what looked like it could have very well been her The Row 'Bea' sweater from the television series, Meghan posed alongside the women at the community center after sharing a spot of tea with the group at the facility.

It's still unclear if Meghan indeed rewore the sweater from her pre-royal days, but one thing is very certain: whether acting on behalf of the royal family or not, she still take's women's rights very seriously.

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