More and more people are stepping up to support the duchess. 


After opening up about the impact negative press has had on her mental health, Meghan Markle has found support from people all over the world, including, now, the mother of one of her ex-boyfriends.

On Wednesday, the duchess's close friend Jessica Mulroney shared the open letter 72 women in Parliament had written as a show of solidarity with Meghan and her stance against the press. Though the tweet has now been deleted, fan accounts on Instagram managed to capture a response on Twitter from Joanne Vitiello, the mother of Cory Vitiello, a celebrity chef Meghan dated before she met Prince Harry.

"It's about time! (So sad and shocking that there’s so much jealousy, hostility and bullying directed her way!)," she had written.

Meghan and Vitiello dated from 2014 to 2016, and he told Daily Mail just before her wedding in 2018 that he was happy for her: "I'm pleased for Meghan. She's a great girl. There is no bitterness. I respect people's private and personal lives, and although she has put herself in the public spectrum, I still hold to that."

His mother also told Daily Mail that "we are very fond of her ... she is a lovely, lovely woman. Very smart, very bright, very caring. She's a warm personality, very sincere. We very much enjoyed the time we spent with her. She fitted very well into our family. The Royal Family, and Britain, is very lucky to have her."

Since the Duchess of Sussex opened up in the documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey about having trouble navigating the intense tabloid scrutiny, she's found support from members of Parliament, Hillary Clinton, and people who have banded together to send her messages of support.