Meghan Markle's Dad Has to Miss the Royal Wedding to Undergo Heart Surgery

If you thought that the drama surrounding Meghan Markle's dad and the royal wedding was over, think again.

Despite telling TMZ that he didn't want to miss "one of the greatest moments in history," Thomas Markle ultimately decided that he will not walk his daughter down the aisle or be present for the nuptials due to his health. While he was hopeful that he would be released from the hospital in time to head to the United Kingdom, he is now set to undergo heart surgery on Wednesday.

"They [doctors] will go in and clear blockage, repair damage and put a stent where it is needed," Thomas told TMZ of the operation. The 73-year-old previously told the outlet that he heart attack last week and experienced chest pains on Monday.

His health issues coupled with the scandal surrounding the staged paparazzi photos have caused quite a stir leading up to the highly-anticipated event.

Thankfully, Meghan is taking it all in stride. According to Thomas, Meghan tried calling him on Monday but he missed the call. Prince Harry’s fiancé then reportedly sent a text saying that she loved him, was concerned about his health, and “harbors no ill feelings toward him” about those staged photos.

With Markle's father definitively not attending the royal wedding, the question of who will walk her down the aisle remains. Many speculate that her mother will fill in for Thomas, or perhaps Prince Charles might do the honors. We'll have to wait until Saturday to find out.

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