Watch Meghan Markle Choose Prince Harry Over Prince William in an Old Interview

Nowadays, Meghan Markle is Prince Harry’s biggest fan, but back in October 2015, she couldn’t choose between him and his handsome big brother. In an interview with Hello! filmed just over a year before Harry confirmed his relationship with the Suits star, Markle is asked in a series of rapid-fire questions to decide between Prince Harry and Prince William.

“I don’t know,” she responds, looking totally confused by the question, which came after inquiries into her best beauty tip and favorite pump-up song. “Harry,” the reporter prompts her.

Meghan Markle Prince William Prince Harry - LEAD
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“Harry? Sure,” she answers, giggling. Either a serious relationship with the handsome prince was far from her mind, or she was great at covering up their secret.

Just last week, Harry confirmed their budding relationship, defending “his girlfriend” Markle from the abuse and harassment she has faced since the news broke. Since then, the actress was spotted at Harry’s home in England with a bag of groceries, which makes sense, as she prefers date night in to dining out.

VIDEO: Prince Harry on Girlfriend Meghan Markle

“I love to cook, so yes, stay in your cozies, have some nice wine, make yourself a nice meal. So much better,” she said.

From laughing at the prospect of dating Prince Harry to enjoying romantic date nights with him, this interview is proof that Markle is living a real-life fairytale.

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