Meghan Markle's got more family drama than the rest of the royals combined (and that's saying something ...)

That much was already clear looking at the (very public) feud with her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., and the mean-spirited comments half-sister and future Celebrity Big Brother contestant Samantha Markle keeps making, but her other extended family members don't often throw their hats into the ring — her half-brother included.

Some fans might not even know she's got a brother, but lo' and behold, she does, and he's now chiming in on Meghan's fight with Thomas Sr.

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Tom Markle Jr. told The Mirror recently that he thinks Meghan has "changed" since marrying Prince Harry and becoming British royalty — and not in a good way.

"Throughout our lives, dad always put Meg first, above me and my sister, but if what he is saying is true it appears she is abusing his love for her," Markle Jr. said. “It’s selfish, cruel even. He gave her everything and now she is giving him nothing but hurt back."

ICYMI, Meghan and Thomas Sr. haven't exactly been chummy lately. The royals have been icing out Meghan's father while he rants angrily to media outlets, and it's gotten so bad that Queen Elizabeth herself might need to intervene.

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For his part, Meghan's half-brother is clearly #TeamDad.

“They say blood is thicker than water, but perhaps the blue blood of the royals now runs through Meg’s veins. It’s heartbreaking to see how this has changed her and the devastation it has caused to my family," Markle Jr. added. "Anyone who saw Meg when she was growing up knew her and my dad were inseparable. Now it looks as though they may never speak again.”