Meghan Markle Totally Bombs This British Quiz, and It's Hilarious

Meghan Markle
Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty

Meghan Markle better brush up on her British facts fast! The former Suits actress will soon become a U.K. citizen and join the royal family, but before her momentous engagement to Prince Harry she was just an average American gal asked to test her knowledge about British culture during an appearance on cable channel Dave back in July 2016. Spoiler alert: She bombed.

To be fair, while watching this quiz, we were similarly stumped. For someone who has never lived in England before full-time and did not grow up a complete Anglophile, these are very hard. Do you know what the cockney slang "apples and pears" means? Or that the Wales's national animal is a dragon? These are just a few of the questions she was asked.

We have a feeling that after spending more time across the pond with Prince Harry she'd be able to answer a lot more of these questions correctly. If not, she has her fiancé to help her out—especially when figuring out which beer brand is which. Essentail for living in England.

Watch the recently resurfaced video above.

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