Meghan Markle Actually Sent Out Thank You Cards to Everyone Who Wished Her Happy Birthday

Meghan Markle might be literal royalty now, but she's not using that as an excuse to unlearn her good ol' fashioned manners — like saying "please" and "thank you."

Meghan Markle thank you lead

If you were one of the thousands who took time out of your life to say "happy birthday" to the Duchess of Sussex, you should keep a close eye on your mailbox. Despite being very famous, Markle is showing gratitude to those who wished her well on her 37th birthday last month with a classy card.

Royal reporter Omid Scobie shared an image of the card, and while we had our fingers crossed for a limerick-like greeting à la Hallmark (maybe next time), the gesture itself is enough to earn our accolades.

That thoughtfulness probably wasn't expected by fans who wrote in, but it does leave us wondering if truly everyone will get a card back. Thomas Markle said he wrote his daughter a card, since he hasn't been able to make contact since making disparaging public comments about the royals. Question of the hour — did Thomas get a thank you card too?

We'd say we may never know, but judging from Thomas's record, he'll probably let it spill sooner or later.

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