Meghan Markle Horoscope
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In the past year, Meghan Markle has retired from acting, moved to England, wed Prince Harry, become a princess, gracefully risen above family drama, and worn more uncomfortable-looking stilettos than any one woman should ever be subjected to. What did you do at 36?

But while it’s been a whirlwind year for the newest member of the British royal family — who celebrates her 37th birthday on Aug. 4 — the bigger changes in Meghan’s life lie ahead, says astrologer Kathy Biehl.

“Her birthday is ringing in a milestone year,” Biehl says of the Leo. What can the Duchess of Sussex expect from her 37th year? The stars, apparently, have a lot to say about her near future.


Some celebrities become paparazzi nip for a season but, just as quickly, settle into a more private existence. Not Meghan.

“She won’t be retiring from the public eye; in fact, quite the opposite,” says Biehl. “The summer’s three eclipses are resetting and rebooting fundamentals of her existence, starting with her identity and how she presents herself to the world.” The second of those eclipse, a lunar one in Aquarius that took place on July 27, is key here. It “enhances her Leo nature, fans her ease with the spotlight, and pushes her into the ways of royals.”

Meghan knows you’re watching her, and she’s thinking about that more methodically, says Biehl. “Watch for signs of this in her appearance and manner of speaking. Her new ‘regime’ officially launches with the Leo solar eclipse on Aug. 11, just after her birthday. The updated Meghan will be more and more visible over the next six months and set out on a new, highly public path of destiny early next year.”


As Meghan charges ahead, she’ll also cut ties with certain elements of her old life, says Biehl.

That July 27 eclipse in particular is a bittersweet one; it “closes the door firmly on the past, which will shut off old alliances and circles of friends.” (It’s no wonder, really — how’s a human to keep up with old acquaintances with no access to Instagram??)

Her behavior may begin to change too, says Biehl. Once known as the queendom’s pants-wearing renegade, Meghan may break old habits as she adjusts to her new environment. “Her relationship life is moving into an updated and focused phase, which closes the door on some freewheeling behaviors (yes, the aspects actually say that) and uproots her home base (yes, they say that, too).”

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So far, Meghan’s royal life has been all wedding bells and romantic trips with Harry and friend-dating the Queen. But once the excitement begins to wear off, the Duchess may face some tough introspection.

According to Biehl, that’ll happen this summer. “The reality of new conditions hits in mid-August and leads to retrospection and revisiting a few basics — and maybe pushing against a few walls,” she says. “I don't know whether she'll struggle, but she's far enough from the glamour of the wedding for awareness of these differences to be much on her mind.”

“Adjustments are likely in September and October,” Biehl continues. “There will be a lot of thinking about life as it was as opposed to life as it now has to be, with rules and new customs. But she has an ally in Prince Harry.”


Unfortunately for Meghan, the adjustment period may not be a quick one. “The pressure to evolve continues until her next birthday and then some,” says Biehl. “The pressure comes in part from the requirements of her position in the royal family. The pressure also comes from a deep, cellular drive to remake herself and prove her worth.”

Luckily, Meghan has Harry to lean on, and according to the cosmos, his support will be what gets her through. “Her husband factors in as a solid, reliable, loving force — that also spurs her to be herself.”

And in that realm, Meghan has nothing to worry about, says Biehl. “Love vibes continue in her home life, and she’s well equipped to handle the glamour, spectacle, paparazzi that come with this home.”


There's been much speculation about Meghan and Harry's plans to grow their family, which is based on just about nothing at all, of course — unless you ask Biehl.

“As for the none-of-our-business question that’s on everyone’s mind,” she says, “the planet Jupiter is beaming a lovely, expansive, beneficial influence that raises the possibility of a child from the end of August in the fall of 2019, with the possibility of pregnancy taking her by surprise mid-to-late October of this year.” She suspects little royals may be coming our way.