Good news: Some of the brands make adult clothes, too.

By Kimberly Truong
Apr 17, 2019 @ 1:45 pm
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Baby Sussex has not yet arrived (that we know of — the duke and duchess said they will keep news of the birth private until they're ready to share), and there are still plenty of unknowns, including the baby's sex, his or her name, and whether or not he or she will have red hair. A certainty? The baby will be wearing clothes — and the fashion industry is already predicting the designers Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will choose for their babe. 

In a piece for Women's Wear Daily, industry watchers predicted that Meghan will dress her baby up in sustainable clothes (as she does herself), and that the Duchess of Sussex's impact on the fashion industry will extend to Baby Sussex, too.

During her royal engagements, Meghan has chosen to spotlight brands devoted to sustainability, from Reformation to Stella McCartney. Some fashion experts speculated that we could see the duchess turn to the same brands when it comes to dressing her baby, especially since Stella McCartney also designs a line of children's clothing.

“The duchess’ advocacy of brands with sustainability at their core has gone from strength to strength and that is likely to continue following the birth of her child, and the products chosen for the royal baby,” Helen Brocklebank, CEO of the British luxury goods association Walpole, told WWD.

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Along with Stella McCartney, there are plenty of other sustainable baby clothing brands, like Oeuf and Purebaby, and insiders told WWD they hope Meghan will also spotlight brands like Hevea that are making non-toxic toys. 

“When she is making choices for her own ‘next generation,’ we can make a strong assumption that the brands Meghan looks to will have a strong stance on social good,” Rebecca Robins, global chief learning and culture officer from Interbrand, a brand consultancy, told WWD.

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But whatever the royal baby wears, experts say, it's bound to have an effect on the fashion industry. 

“It is likely that the new arrival’s wardrobe will cause a similar fashion frenzy that we have seen with all three of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children,” said Alex Haigh, director of Brand Finance.

We've already seen what the Meghan Markle effect can do — it won't be surprising if Baby Sussex takes a page from mom's ethically fashionable book.