Riverdale fans are having a field day.


The wait, at long last, is over: We finally got a glimpse at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby, a sweet newborn named Archie. The name was far from something people were expecting — after all, the last betting frontrunner for Baby Sussex's name was "Grace," though that was before we knew that the duchess had given birth to a boy.

The name, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, has already inspired dozens of memes — notably from people who found a, uh, pattern with the name (though we should note that his name is just Archie, not short for Archibald).

But most of all, Archie had a ton of people thinking about Riverdale's resident redhead, played on the TV show by KJ Apa.

Archie comics, which Riverdale is based on, also got in on the action, even referencing yet another meme:

The name Archie doesn't seem to have a ton of significance to the royal family (though there was an Archibald that married into the royal family in the 16th century), so it's entirely possible that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are just big Archie comics/Riverdale fans. Or maybe they heard Prince George's nickname for himself and liked the sound of it.

BRB, placing bets on whether or not we'll have another pop culturally significant ginger named Archie in the world.