Amal Clooney may have made an enemy in Angelina Jolie, but she's found nothing but a true pal in Meghan Markle. The two have been hanging out at the Clooney lake house in Lake Como, but it's not because their husbands Prince Harry and George Clooney are also friends.

While it you might think it was the boys' bond that brings the four together on double dates — Harry and George have, after all, known each other longer, having met two years ago at a charity event — it's actually Meghan and Amal who have the closer friendship. A Kensington Palace insider spilled the beans on what the dynamic is like between the four A-listers.

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"Amal and Meghan are much more friendly with each other and talk more regularly than George and Harry do," the source revealed to E! News. "They have become really close friends."

They do have a lot to bond over. Not only are they both involved in humanitarian work, but they also share the experience of facing increased scrutiny as a result of dating über famous people. It helps that they live close to one another, too.

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"It helps they're both UK-based now, but they have been able to relate on a lot about their lifestyles, especially how to deal with being thrust into new situations in the public spotlight," the source said, adding that "Amal is like a confidante to Meghan."

Now this is a friendship we're more than happy to third wheel.