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Megan Fox will soon appear in the comic book adaptation Jonah Hex, which takes place in the Wild West, but all anyone who's seen the trailer wants to talk about is her tiny waist. "It's small," the star admitted to MTV. With the help of vintage corsets, she explained, "we got it down to about 18 inches." That, you may recall, is Scarlett O'Hara territory. Megan said she wouldn't mind if the close-fitting foundation garments made a comeback: "I enjoy them . . . maybe I'm sick," she joked. But after hearing that the ones she wore in the film "would leave these deep grooves, these deep indents from the boning in the corsets, for the whole next day," we're happy to leave them in the past. Do you think corsets should have a place in your closet? Tell us in the comments below.