Emily Maynard
Credit: DannyMahoney/XS Nightclub/Splash News

Even though she said she never would want to go on the show again, reported today that Emily Maynard (the winner of Brad Womack's season of The Bachelor) will star on the new season of The Bachelorette. The 25-year-old single mom broke off her engagement over the summer, and the show will reportedly be shot in North Carolina to allow her to be close to her daughter, Ricki. When she was on The Bachelor, she had one of the most enviable wardrobes of all the contestants, so much so that The Bachelor stylist Cary Fetman admitted that Emily made him “up his game” because of her amazing sense of style. “She is an elegant southern belle,” Fetman told “And she has a shoe collection even Sarah Jessica Parker would envy!” We can't wait to see who she picks this time, and what she wears!