Credit: pochoy_29/Instagram

It’s official: Kim Kardashian can break the Internet without even trying.

Meet Paolo Ballesteros, the multi-talented makeup artist who uses wigs, contact lenses, and some seriously impressive contouring skills to morph into just about any female celebrity, from Miley Cyrus to Madonna and Katy Perry. His latest transformation, however? None other than Mrs. Kardashian West. Yes, the images you’re seeing above are not the real Kim.

The jaw-dropping selfies come just days after the reality star’s most recent hair change from platinum to icy blonde, and the results are perfection. Ballesteros, who’s a Filipino actor and TV host, nailed everything from Kardashian’s chiseled cheekbones to her famously pouty lips (we're not sure how, but he managed to acquire some ample cleavage, too).

Watch out, Kim! You might have some competition.

See more of Ballesteros's shocking transformations below!

Kylie Jenner:

Dakota Johnson:

Cate Blanchett:

Julianne Moore:

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