Meet Maisie Richardson-Sellers, the Newest Face on The Originals

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It’s only been a week since the mid-season finale of The Originals, a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries about vampire/werewolf hybrids, but we know that fans are already thirsting for a fresh dose of The CW's hit drama—especially after the show introduced guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers in one of the show's craziest twists. “It’s a very exciting role,” the 22-year-old Oxford grad told InStyle when she recently stopped by our offices. “I’ll be on for quite a few episodes.”

That’s big news for fans of the supernatural saga, whose collective freak-out echoed around the web when Richardson-Sellers made her debut. She plays the new Rebekah—or more specifically, main character Rebekah's new host body. “She’s a very sassy, cool character,” says the British actress. And while taking on the beloved role originally played by Claire Holt may seem daunting, Richardson-Sellers is totally game to take on the challenge. “I want to explore my boundaries as an actress,” she says.

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Her explorations are about to take her pretty far: Richardson-Sellers has also landed a role in the much-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII. Sensing a pattern (her first two gigs are both quite literally out of this world), we had to ask if the actress plans to take on any earthly roles in the future. “Definitely,” she says. “Even though I’m doing these supernatural things, it’s that character’s everyday life. You’re basically skipping into someone else’s reality for a while.”

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