By Bee Shapiro
Apr 12, 2014 @ 5:30 pm

Royals obsessed? So are we. What with Kate Middleton and Prince George,  you could hardly blame us --the fashion hits keep on coming from the British royal clan. But in something of a pleasant surprise the latest trend-to-be is from none other than the head of the household: the Queen.

Certainly with her trim suits and matchy-matchy aesthetic, the Queen has a lock on the royal dressing. Another one of her signatures: the neat, squared off Launer handbags she's been toting for 40-plus years. The British heritage brand, which got its start in 1941, has some serious style chops. Aside from her Majesty, who's known to favor the ladylike Traviata style with neat top handle, other famous female figures have taken to the accessories line. For one, Margaret Thatcher favored the classic good looks of the Bellini and Adagio bags in practical black, and the latest Launer hit is the mini "Judi" bag inspired by Dame Judi Dench.

In tune with spring, the new petite Judis come in a variety of cheerful patent hues, including this glossy magenta calf-skin (see above). But playing the royal will cost you some pretty pounds. Each mini-bag comes with a hefty price tag, about $1,791 at current exchange.