With a little help from his owner/stylist Joyce Chen, this pooch rocks glasses and a bow tie better than anyone since will.i.am.

By Ellin Stein
Updated Mar 14, 2016 @ 5:30 pm
Toby, the Hipster Maltese Terrier
Credit: toby_littledude/Instagram

Trilby? Check. Bow tie? Check. Bold black frames? Check. And, of course, facial hair? Check. With a little help from his stylist (and owner) Joyce Chen, Toby, a 10-year-old Maltese, has become an Instagram icon of preppy-meets-hipster chic.

Wearing an assortment of doggie duds sourced in pet boutiques—the Vancouver-based Chen usually spends between $30-$80 per outfit—Toby has amassed some 100,000 followers over the past three years at his Instagram account Toby LIttleDude, Hipster Dude with Attitude (@toby_littledude).

While Toby has been snapped sporting toweling robes, a New York Yankees' baseball shirt and cap, and sportswear, his signature look has remained snappy hats, cardigans, big glasses, and bow ties, leading to comparisons with will.i.am—only cuter.

See Toby's most adorable photos below.