Credit: Facebook/AgeOfAdaline

What can instantly make Friday even better? How about two sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniels? In The Age of Adaline Hunter and Riley take turns playing the dog of Blake Lively's character, Adaline Bowman. These adorable pups are not only fun partners to cuddle up with, they're both extremely talented.

It may be hard to get pets to obey, but not these big-screen stars. The film's animal coordinator, Ian Doig, told People that Riley's specialty is lying on one side without moving, which came in handy for an emotional scene at the vet. Hunter, on the other hand, was instantly excited to work with Lively. His natural energy was evident during rehearsals as he always enthusiastically greeted the 27-year-old actress. We can't wait to checkout the tail-wagging duo in The Age of Adaline, which hits theaters today, April 24, 2015.