The Plastics are one step closer to their big Broadway debut, but they still have a few things to figure out first...

In a new promo for the highly-anticipated Mean Girls musical, the show's stars (who are all dressed in pink, which must mean it was filmed on a Wednesday) give fans a taste of what to expect when it hits the stage at the August Wilson Theatre in New York City this spring.

"Wait, come here. I wanna tell you something," Regina George (played by Taylor Louderman) says at the beginning of the clip. "First of all, I really like your hair color. Second of all—"

"We wanna invite you to see Mean Girls," Gretchen Weiners (Ashley Park) interrupts. Karen Smith (Kate Rockwell) quickly chimes in to announce that it's a musical, meaning "people talk and sing and move their bodies all at the same time."

"They know what a musical is, Karen. They're not idiots," Regina interjects. But Gretchen's still confused. "How can you talk and sing at the same time?" she asks.

The show, which was written by Tina Fey, will premiere at the National Theatre in Washington D.C. for a limited run, starting Oct. 31. Broadway previews begin March 12, and its official run kicks off April 8. Fetch.