Thirteen years ago Mean Girls opened nationwide and changed the pop culture landscape as we know it. Whether you were 14 or 40 at the time of its release, you can’t deny the film marked a shift in, well, everything! Where would we be today without Rachel McAdams? What would we tweet on Oct. 3 had Cady not marked the date for us? Whose name would we forever associate with candy canes if not Glenn Coco's? These are the sorts of what-if questions that understandably keep me up at night.

Most of us can agree that Mean Girls is a pretty phenomenal film, but did you ever notice the glaring errors within? There’s some big ones—so big that we can’t believe it took us 13 years to notice them, especially after watching the movie about 9,873 times.

VIDEO: 5 Moments We Hope the "Mean Girls" Musical Will Make Into Showstoppers

Alas, ain’t nobody perfect, not even the Mean Girls continuity-checkers (if such an aptly named team exists).

Watch the supercut above and appreciate every mistake you’ve overlooked for the past 13 years.