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We're not trying to make fetch happen, but Mean Girls certainly has been gaining some unexpected momentum as of late. Great news for us—it's a movie we watch whenever we feel bummed out, and we'll throw around the occasional quote in our everyday lives. On the heels of news that Mean Girls would be getting its very own musical, Storybook Cosmetics has announced that the movie would be immortalized in the form of an eyeshadow palette.

Fingers crossed that it looks like the infamous Burn Book and contains an insane amount of pink tones, all of which will be reserved for Wednesdays.

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"We're total Mean Girls fanatics, and this eye shadow palette was one of the first ones we dreamed up," says co-founder Missy Maynard. "When we secured licensing for it, we were ecstatic! We are so thrilled to give our customers what they have been begging us for." Storybook Cosmetics first teased the idea on their Instagram in October of last year when the palette was just a dream, and since then the brand has been steadily growing in popularity with every Hunger Games and Harry Potter-esque collection that rolls out.

According to the brand, the palette will launch later in the year—exact date still TBD—on We'll eagerly be stalking the brand's social media feeds for more news as it develops, but so far, we do know the palette will include 12 shades total. We're sure plastics, burnouts, cool moms, and hey, even Glen Coco will find something they like.