Me & Ro, Goop, Robin Renzi
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The beautiful bangles, baubles and beads from Me & Ro have been hot in Hollywood since Robin Renzi launched her line over 20-years ago. Countless celebrities have a piece or two or three in their personal collections, and the jewelry has appeared in so many films—over 70 and counting—it should be listed on IMDb (not to mention pieces from the line have graced the cover of InStyle repeatedly). Me & Ro’s most recent production is a collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow on an capsule collection for the Oscar winning actress’ wildly popular website Goop.

Renzi tells exclusively about making the 10-pieces with Paltrow. “Gwyneth’s concept was to do a collection of beautiful delicate basics the type of things Me & Ro is known for,” explains Renzi. “Yet she had a very specific vision on design details that changed things up.“ Longtime fans of Me & Ro will notice right away the gold is highly polished—as opposed to the signature matte finish—and there is none of the usual engraving detail but rounded edges. “The collection is really simple but with oomph,” says Renzi. Among all the pieces, the designer says her favorites are the “sexy and beachy” shark tooth necklace ($800), and the “clean and modern” wide cigar band ring ($1,375). Shop the entire collection now—ranging from $700 to $3,525—exclusively on

—Marion Fasel