By Claire Stern
Apr 06, 2015 @ 12:31 pm

These days, it seems like every piece of jewelry out there is personalized. Whether it be with an initial, a scripted nameplate, or (for the uber-social) a Twitter handle, a necklace or bracelet just doesn't seem unique enough until it's emblazoned with a signifier that tells the world: "This belongs to no one else but me!" And if that's the case with your various adornments, it should be just so with your home furnishings, according to Maya Brenner.

The Los Angeles–based designer has taken the chic, understated simplicity of her letter jewelry designs to the interior space with the launch of Maya Brenner Home. The five-piece collection includes an assortment of linen pillows that have clear ties to Brenner's top-selling delicates, and features similarly customizable details: Each one can be made your own by highlighting your initial in silver or gold embroidery.

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"I like to decorate my home with things that have meaning," Brenner tells InStyle. "Marking a memory or a milestone, something handed down from family, or something personalized makes my surroundings seem special. Just like my jewelry collection, these pillows are a subtle way to express who we are and what we care about." So if you want to kindly remind your house guests whose home they're in, scoop up one of these pillows ASAP.

Shop the Maya Brenner Home collection now at Prices range from $128 to $158.

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