By Christopher Luu
Updated Sep 05, 2018 @ 9:00 pm

He may have worked as an IT specialist and moved on to advertising, but Chandler Bing never brought home the big bucks that Matthew Perry did playing the character. With Friends, everyone's favorite sitcom about, well, friends, about to celebrate its 24th anniversary, Perry and his bank account are probably happy that he spent all that time at Central Perk.

Actor Matthew Perry Rides The High Roller At The LINQ Promenade In Las Vegas
Credit: Denise Truscello/Getty Images

Post-Friends, Perry's had plenty of success on the small screen. He's headlined his own sitcom (Mr. Sunshine) and had a slew of roles on hit shows like The Good Wife, its spin-off, The Good Fight, and cult-favorites like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Go On. And who could forget his star turn in 17 Again alongside a certain Zac Efron? It all adds up to $70 million, which is what MSN reports as Perry's total net worth.

But we all know the big bucks in Perry's bank account come from Friends and the show's subsequent syndication. According to Money Inc., Perry made $75k per episode during the third season of Friends. Just a season later, that number got bumped up to $85k. By seasons nine and 10, each cast member made over $1 million per episode. The site reports that each one still rakes in about $20 million every year thanks to royalties.

$20 million may sound like a lot (especially for such a large cast), but MSN notes that Warner Bros. pulls in over $1 billion in revenue with syndication. The cast only gets 2% of that income. And with no end to the reruns in sight, it seems like Perry and his friends won't have to worry about cash flow anytime soon. Maybe it's time Chandler Bing gets that TV Guide subscription in his real name now?