Skipping the sweatpants altogether.


If you're on your fifth loaf of banana bread or suddenly find yourself googling "no-knead bread" recipes, you're not the only person experimenting with baking during lockdown. Matthew Perry showed off his latest creation and while the cookies and the ocean views are nothing to scoff at, it's his hashtag that's getting all the attention.

Perry gave his followers a close look at his baking skills via his latest Instagram post, which showcases a plate of what appear to be oatmeal raising cookies and an enviable vista of the sparkling ocean behind it.

"I made these by the way. Also I'm not wearing any pants," Perry captioned the shot. To add a finishing touch and to one-up his pantsless eating, he let everyone know how he planned on enjoying the baked goods: naked. The hashtag #gettingreadyforsomeseriousnudeeating confirmed it.

Though viewers probably won't recall any episodes that involve Chandler Bing eating cookies in the nude, Perry's post comes on the same day that HBO announced that every single episode of Friends would be available for streaming when HBO Max goes live on May 27. Unfortunately, the planned cast reunion special is currently on hold because, well, coronavirus.

There's good news for anyone looking for that Central Perk nostalgia, however. The cast announced that fans could snag a chance to attend the taping. All it takes is a $10 donation to the All in Challenge portal. The cash will go directly to Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen, and No Kid Hungry, and every donation is a chance to win the prize, which comes with a VIP Friends Experience Warner Bros. tour in addition to the taping.