Matthew McConaughey is best known for his Oscar-worthy acting and the fact that McConaughey is a very tough last name to spell without Google.

But earlier this week, we learned something new about the 47-year-old actor: he knows how to wooooork. You see, McConaughey headed to the University of Texas for basketball practice with the school’s team and there, someone captured a photo that has since gone viral.

What did the Academy Award winner do? Did he lose his cool and uncontrollably yell out his signature “All right! All right! All right!”? Did he someone score a spot on the team? Did he pay for someone scholarship?

None of the above (that we know of yet).

Instead, he delivered the sassiest pose the Internet has ever seen from the actor. In one shot where he appears to be speaking, his hands are placed on his hips as he leans to his right. It proves he has plenty of attitude. And Twitter cannot stop talking about it.

“Idk what McConaughey was saying but it must’ve been fierce af,” one onlooker tweeted.

From there, the reactions became even more outrageous.

We're here for this pose and more sass from McConaughey in the future.