By Faith Cummings
Dec 21, 2016 @ 10:00 am

Though Matthew McConaughey has played some of Hollywood's most serious roles, he has no problem switching to his more comical side. And if anyone can make you feel the need to be silly, it's Jimmy Fallon.

The talk show host can't get enough of a good game, thus he played one with the Academy Award-winning actor on Tuesday episode of The Tonight Show. McConaughey was there to promote his film Gold, thus Fallon called on elementary school students to write some scenes that he and the actor would recite. All they were given? The title "Gold." Naturally, hilarity ensued.

In the first scene, Matthew plays a character who shares his name and Fallon plays "Bob." In it, the talk show host fake cries and loses his pants (not in actuality), while the True Detective actor steals Bob's gold. They could barely contain their own laughter.

McConaughey also talked about his family during his chat with Fallon. He and wife Camila Alves are taking his children to Brazil for the holidays to spend time with her family: can you say jealous? "The kids are taking Portuguese classes for the last week," he revealed. "They already know a lot of Portuguese, but they're taking Portuguese classes five hours a day for the last week in prep for going on this trip."

Watch McConaughey's Kid Theater performance in the video at top and catch Gold when it hits select theaters on Christmas Day.