By Lara Walsh
Jan 25, 2017 @ 9:30 am

In 2013, Matthew McConaughey famously dropped almost 50 pounds for his transformative Oscar-winning role as a gaunt HIV patient in Dallas Buyers Club, but the actor is revealing that—no surprises here—he had a lot more fun putting the weight back on for his most recent movie role.

The 47-year-old made an appearance on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he opened up about how he packed on the pounds over a six-month period for his 47-pound weight gain in Gold.

The actor, who dished on mainly subsisting on a cheeseburger and pizza diet for the role, claimed that he actually didn't plan to gain the weight, but that he "started living a life like Kenny Wells, and looked in the mirror one day and realized, 'These pants don't fit anymore," and the rest is history.

When Kimmel asked the dad-of-three how he explained the sudden weight gain to his family and the public, the star said that all his kids noticed was that "there was more of Papa to love." Aw!

Watch the full video above to learn more about McConaughey's Gold diet and exactly why he jumped into a cobra pit while filming in Thailand.