These days, Matt LeBlanc is having a hard time impressing his 12-year-old daughter, Marina. While her classmates are into Friends, she "just couldn't care less" about the hit show. "It's her dad. She sees me enough," LeBlanc joked on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

But there is one person who left the preteen awestruck: Prince Harry.

While filming Top Gear in London, the actor was invited to a Bruce Springsteen concert and attended with his daughter and stepdaughter in tow. At the end of the night, they had a chance encounter with the handsome royal and even LeBlanc couldn't control his jealousy.

"We all went backstage and then into the hospitality suite to meet Bruce and Prince Harry was there," he told host Ellen DeGeneres. "So Prince Harry at the end of the night gives my stepdaughter and my daughter a kiss goodnight on the cheek and they were both just floored. I got no kiss myself. We can get into that another time. It takes something like that to impress her. Like great, big shoes to fill there."

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No hard feelings, Matt: We'd bet a royal kiss could impress even the biggest of cynics. But Marina wasn't the only one impressed—LeBlanc is just as starstruck by the monarchy. In 2015 on Conan, the actor revealed that he had met Prince William and Prince Harry at a polo match and they inquired about a Friends reunion.

After joking that he told off the royal duo, LeBlanc redeemed himself by throwing a compliment their way. "I would like to say that they are very handsome," he told Conan O'Brien.

We couldn't agree more.