Watch Matt Damon Prank Unsuspecting Strangers for a Good Cause

Matt Damon Pranks - Video Lead
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What would you do if Jason Bourne called you with a secret mission? Would you throw down the phone or follow his every command? What if his instructions involved hot dogs and muttering things about elephants to perfect strangers? Matt Damon and Omaze found out the answer by enlisting a group of unsuspecting park-goers into a spy film simulation in a joint effort to raise money for

Taking a page from the Jason Bourne series, men were dispatched to hand cellphones to random people, telling them only to answer it when it rings.

One man immediately threw the phone on the ground, while the others confusedly played along. After briefly considering if the call was for a guy one of them dated, a pair of women stumble through Damon's instructions, which include complimenting a stranger's child.

One credulous man dutifully buys a hot dog from a nearby stand under the guise that he needs to use it to start a conversation with a man waiting for him with a manila envelope. With their envelopes in hand, Damon eventually leads all the participants to a parking garage where he's waiting to surprise them with tickets to Jason Bourne's Las Vegas premiere.

"In the future when people call you with requests like that, don't follow them," he chides one of the shocked participants. Watch the video here:

Jason Bourne sneaks its way into theaters July 29.

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